When it pertains to watching your preferred movies the most effective technique to enrich the expertise is actually by getting a soundbar. Having a soundbar is going to improve your browsing by delivering top-quality audio, enabling you to hear one of the most remarkable lines and pay attention to the hottest new music.

How to Find The Best Soundbar For You

Sound bars have always been an easy way to upgrade your TV’s audio. But these days they can do a whole lot more than just boost TV and movie sound. Want a little help wading through all the designs, features, and control options? We’ll cover what’s available to help you find the perfect fit.

What type of sound bar is right for you?

Sound bars vary wildly in price — from under $150 for a basic plug-and-play model to over $2,000 for a handcrafted work of art. You can narrow the field significantly by asking yourself a few questions; Are you looking for a full-on home theater experience, or do you just want to be able to hear the TV more clearly? Will you be using your sound bar to play music? Would you like for it to be part of a multi-room audio system? Is voice control important to you? And a simple but vital question you need to answer — where is it going to go?

Many sound bars include wireless rear speakers or the option to add them for discrete surround sound. If being totally immersed in your content it the goal, opt for a system that allows for such expansion.

Most bars have a low enough profile that they won’t block your TV (or your TV’s remote sensor) when sitting on a stand, but always check the height to be sure. If you want to wall-mount your bar, make sure it has keyhole slots or optional brackets.

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At presents, we have great deals of alternatives when it comes to attaching our devices, but with all these different cords and adapters, it may be difficult to understand which one to make use of to utilize to acquire the most effective away from your set.

In this video, experts take a look at exactly how to link your television to your soundbar to be sure you receive the very best achievable audio high quality.

How to Connect a Soundbar to TV Audio


The Best Soundbars in 2019

As TVs have gotten thinner, their sound has degraded. With their relatively simple set-up and all-inclusive designs, soundbar and soundbase systems have a lot to recommend them as a means to improve the sound of a TV. There are two types of these systems in our latest Ratings: Basic and Full-Featured. Basic models are intended to provide a no-muss, no-fuss means of upgrading the sound of a TV. Full-featured models are not only intended to improve basic TV sound but also provide advanced features. Some come with, or have the option to add, separate left and right rear surround speakers so they can provide surround sound for TV viewing. Other models have the ability to stream audio from Internet content providers via a WiFi or Ethernet connection to a home network. Some systems have both of these features.

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How To Set Up Your Soundbar At Home

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