What Is an All-Purpose Cleaner?

There are products specifically designed to clean glass, wood, plastic, tile, and practically any other surface you could imagine. A good all-purpose cleaner can save you both money and storage space by combining all these functions into one bottle.

An all-purpose cleaner is a cleaning agent, usually a liquid, used to remove dirt, grime, and stains from surfaces. Some all-purpose cleaners require dilution, scrubbing, and rinsing, while others employ a simpler “spray and wipe” process. Oftentimes what you gain in convenience, you lose in cleaning power. Here are the five best all-purpose cleaners on the market.


Testing Cleaners: Which Cleaner Works Best?

In this video, there are 6 cleaners that are on hand: Ammonia, Fabuloso, PineSol, Windex, Softscrub and vinegar. We test each on a white cloth and a dirty tub (soap scum/dirt ring). we also do a test with plain water. Come watch to see the results! As we use up some of these cleaners, we will be scaling down.

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How Can You Select The Best All-Purpose Cleaners?

Despite being one of the best cleaners around, the all-purpose cleaners still have quality differences. Here is how to identify and select the best ones

Value: Not all expensive products are good. Check the features of whichever one suits you, and determine if it is something you can pay for, so you do not waste money and effort in cleaning in the long run.
Safety: This factory determines if you would visit the doctor after a few days of using the cleaner. Ensure that the cleaner you prefer does not contain harmful compounds to your health.
Versatility: The more surfaces the cleaner can handle, the better for you. It would be a very poor investment to purchase an ‘all-purpose’ cleaner that can only clean a handful of surfaces


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