Do You Really Need to Buy a Snow Blower?

Among the important things to try to find in a snow blower is the attribute. The device might possess all the great abilities plus necessary functions, however, this performs certainly not suggest that it will definitely carry out effectively in the short phrase and also in the long condition. Regrettably, not all purchasers recognize the significance of premium for such an efficient maker.

The Many Impressive Benefits of Snow Blowers

It should come as no surprise that snow blowers offer a tremendous number of benefits when dealing with our famed Canadian snow, but, as Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton points out, some of these benefits include being good for your health.

Beyond the sheer ease of moving all that snow, the benefits of snow blowers can be directly related to some important health issues. It may surprise you to learn that shovelling snow is responsible for an increase in heart attacks. In fact, Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School) cites in an online article dated June 20, 2016, that “snow shovelling is a known trigger for heart attacks.” This is because most people who shovel snow don’t regularly exercise. When heavy amounts of the white stuff hit the ground, people head out to shovel the snow and tend to overexert themselves. The article actually states that emergency rooms in the snowbelt prepare for extra cases with heavier snowfalls.

Apart from the health benefits, snow blowers will save you scads of time. What once took hours of arduous labour with a shovel will now have you back indoors on that cold blustery winter’s day playing gin rummy. Furthermore, snow blowers can cover huge amounts of terrain, and the excellent results make walkways and driveways clear and safe.


A high-quality snow blower is actually heavy-duty, therefore, are every one of its own components. You can expect each component of the device to operate properly each time you use it to cleanse the snowfall. The device will certainly not require any kind of special care, maintenance and, repairs, which are costly.

In this video, you will learn how to choose a snow blower and tips for safely clearing snow from driveways and walkways.

How to Choose and Use a Snowblower

Getting ready for the winter and looking for the best snow blower? Here are the best snow blowers of 2019.

The 8 Best Snow Blowers of 2019

If you live in an area that sees harsh winters with lots of snowfall, a snow blower can make your life considerably easier. This mighty machine will put your shovel to shame as it buzzes a path through snow drifts, saving you considerable effort and time.

Best Overall: Troy-Built Squall 208cc at Amazon
“Clear an impressive 21-inch wide path with this electric machine.”
Best High-End:Ariens Deluxe Snow Blower at Home Depot
“It’s powerful, easy to use, and will last for years.”
Runner-Up, Best High-End: Cub Cadet Snow Blower at Home Depot
“This self-propelled snow blower has six forward speeds and two reverse ones.”
Best for Heavy Snow: Troy-Bilt Storm 2660 at Lowe’s
“The powerful accelerator cuts through heavy snow and ice.”
Best for Hills: Husqvarna ST 224 Gas Snow Blower at Amazon
“The engine does the work for you on the way up or down.”
Best for Wet Snow: Cub Cadet Snow Blower at Home Depot
“Has a powerful 4-cycle OHV engine with an electric start.”
Best Battery-Powered: EGO Single Stage Snow Blower at Amazon
“Uses two rechargeable 5.0Ah 56-Volt ARC batteries and a brushless motor.”
Best for Driveways: Briggs and Stratton Snow Thrower at Amazon
“A compact and efficient snow thrower that can fit into tight spaces.”


Snow Blower Maintenance Tips

It is a good idea to always prepare for the cold season before a lot of snow hits the ground. It is also important to recognize if your snowblower is ready for winter, therefore execute essential maintenance now to guarantee your snowblower is ready when the snowfall.

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