Ironing is actually, simply put, no fun at all. Using a steam iron helps to give your clothes crips and smooth look.

How to Select & Compare Steam Irons

Crisply pressed shirts, clothes, draperies and linens convey quite a different level of care for your home than wrinkled, rumply clothes or tablecloths. Although it may seem a bit old-fashioned, ironing is not a lost art, and investing in a steam iron will help you to put your best foot, or threads, forward. When it’s time to procure a new steam iron, compare differences and commonalities in various irons before you buy.

Before you commit to an iron or ironing system, give it a go before you purchase. Many stores will have floor models available for inspection and handling. Pick up the model to determine if it’s heavy enough or too heavy for you – remember that a heavier iron will typically do the job more quickly. Notice whether the grip feels comfortable in your hand. Inspect the iron to determine if its construction is well done or if the unit feels plastic and flimsy. See whether the cord retracts or if you will have to wind it up each time before putting the unit away. Check to see whether the iron tip has a space between the plate and the iron, allowing for easier manipulation around cuffs and collars.


How To Use A Steam Iron Properly Without Water Leakage & Clean It Using Self-Clean Method

List of Best Steam Irons

Many of the tested irons were very good or better at ironing fabrics, and be sure to note the steam scores. Lots of steam helps the job go faster. You don’t have to spend a lot to get very good performance. Some irons we tested cost $20 to $60 and scored better than irons that are $100 or more.


The Right Way to Iron A Dress Shirt

If you prefer to save some coins and want to start pressing shirts your own shirts, here is a great infographic which gives some wonderful tips to properly iron a dress shirt.

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