The Best Smartwatches For You and For Your Kids

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Smartwatches today are no longer just a geeky phone accessory, it offers all the basic watch features but they also do things that smartphones cannot; they can replace your credit card for contactless payment, keep you up to date with social media, and be an invaluable fitness aid. It varies dramatically in performance and price.

6 Best Smartwatches for 2019 – How to Pick Between Samsung and Apple

The top two considerations if you’re in the market for an intelligent timepiece are battery life and app choice, largely governed by the operating system you support.

For Apple users, the buying choice is clear. The Apple Watch 4 is hands down the best version yet of the original smartwatch. However, if you’re not committed to the iOS ecosystem, there are far more options available, from low-cost style pieces to performance models for power users.

If you’re an Android fan, your choice is largely down to either the Samsung Tizen platform or Google Wear OS, although as we reveal there are lesser-known alternatives too. When push comes to shove, Google has a better choice of apps than Samsung’s Tizen.

Here are the best smartwatches you can buy right now ;

Huawei Watch GT
Best for: Budget smartwatch buyers
TicWatch 2
Best for: Everyday connected users
Skagen Connected Falster 2
Best for: Fashion-conscious millennials
Fossil Sport
Best for: Sporty types, particularly runners
Samsung Galaxy Watch
Best for: Power users
Apple Watch 4
Best for: The Apple faithful


In this video, Dieter Bohn explains why Android deserves better smartwatches. Android has a ton of smartwatch options but none of them are great.

How should you decide which one to buy or if it’s worth buying one at all?

Why Android Deserves Better Smartwatches

Smartwatches do not need to be actually merely for adults; in fact, there are actually right now a range of smartwatch versions on the marketplace that serve a much younger reader, some offering games and also finding outgrowth, which may be an excellent explanation to acquire some wearable tech for when they’re on the go.

Best Smartwatches for Kids

These smartwatches for kids combine the best of both worlds with fun features like fitness tracking and games alongside the durability and GPS functions parents love.

Like wearable devices for grown-ups, kids’ watches have come a long way in both function and features in recent years. Our top picks include kids’ smartwatches that focus on two-way communication, GPS tracking, fitness tracking, and built-in cameras. We’ve highlighted smartwatches that are easy for kids to use and offer durability with heavy-duty bands, protected touch screens, and waterproofing.

Verizon Gizmowatch
Best for GPS Tracking
VTech Kidizoom
Best for Games
Fitbit Ace
Best for Fitness Tracking

While we’ve selected the best smartwatch picks that provide different types of activities for kids, there are also other devices worth considering. Because parents and kids may have different expectations about what they’d like a smartwatch to do, one of the following devices may be a better fit for your family’s unique needs.

Superior GPS tracking and geofencing, two-way voice and messaging, an SOS button, and even the novelty of video calls make this device a standout for parental control.

Xplora 2
You’ll get the same basic two-way voice and messaging and GPS location capabilities in a water-resistant, durable kids smartwatch. This watch for kids also comes SIM-free, which means you’ll need to secure a SIM card and a provider.

Garmin Vívofit Jr. 2
Superior waterproofing makes it safe for swimming, and a tough, adjustable band earns high marks for durability. This kid-themed fitness tracker has fun bands and corresponding games including Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Avengers.


Smartwatches can do many factors that your cell phone can not. Advantages include tracking your soul rate, rest, task, and overall fitness degree. You can also play popular music and also carry out complementary phone activities and also pay at the retail store.

Smartwatch also provides you access to the alerts without needing to take a look at your cell phone. This could be some of the handy attributes for somebody that takes pleasure in traveling and checking out brand new places.

Smartwatches Vs Traditional Watches

Smartwatches have limited battery life min and hrs, comfortable and beneficial, have a lot of functions like calls & notification, tracking, and health. Most of the smartwatches are to have a rectangular screen.

Traditional watches are just a simple watch but a lot more charismatic.

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