How Grilling Works

Charcoal produces radiant heat in the bottom. The grates absorb heat and produce conduction heat on parts of the surface of the food making grill marks. The lid reflects mostly convection heat.

The exterior of the food absorbs direct heat from below, converts it to conduction heat, and it moves to the center of the food.


Tasty Grilled Chicken

Want to know the secret of a tasty grilled chicken? Watch the video below.


Top Picks for the Best Gas Grills

  • Best overall: Broil King Regal S590 Pro 5 Burner Natural Gas Grill
  • Best value: Weber Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill
  • Best portable grill: Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE
  • Best compact grill: Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 3 Burner LP Gas Grill
  • Best charcoal and gas grill: Char-Griller Double Play 3 Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill


Charcoal Grill

What is a charcoal grill? See below.

Essential Grilling Accessories

What accessories are essential when grilling? See below.



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