How Do Fire Extinguishers Work?


Inside, a fire extinguisher is quite like a giant aerosol can, often with two different substances inside. One of them is a solid, liquid, or gas substance for fighting the fire. The other one is called a propellant and is a pressurized chemical that makes the fire-fighting substance come out when you press the extinguisher handle.

Next time you see a fire extinguisher, take a good look. Have you noticed that fire extinguishers are always really strong steel canisters? That because the propellant is stored inside at a high pressure. Strong canisters are needed to stop the extinguishers exploding!


How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Accidents happen. Be prepared to fight your own fire by learning how to use a fire extinguisher.

Top Picks For Fire Extinguishers

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Types of Fire Extinguishers

Which type of extinguisher should be used? See below.

Safety Tips

Safety tips to follow in using a fire extinguisher.


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