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Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot DUO60 by Instant Pot


Seven different functions that you would otherwise have to buy separate appliances for.Only two colours- silver and black.
Stainless steel inner pot.Moderate learning curve
Extremely versatile and works great on every single function.Only four languages in instructional manual.
Very easy to clean.Unsuitable for canning.
Good automatic function performance.Fragile handle
Up to 24hrs delay timer
UL certified
One year warranty

Pros and Cons of the Breville Fast Slow by Breville

Quick to discharge pressure typically.Very expensive.
Great at pressure-cooking meat soup.Approach push little by little.
Efficient slow-cooking meat hashQuick launch shutoff had not been rapid to launch pressure.
Equally browned pork.No delay start setting.
Instinctive, easy-to-read managements.Food odor retention.
Functions timed preparing food as well as setups for browning and also steaming.
Controls allow you adjust exact Psi, temperature level.

Pros and Cons of the Gourmia GPC1000 by Gourmia

It has the hands-free stirrer.It does not come with a recipe book or instruction manual.
Gourmia Multi Cooker possesses the very clear viewpoint top.It has some confusing settings.
Reduce cooking opportunity through 70%.You will be finding some complaints in the lingering plastic odour.
Twenty four hours problem cooking timer.
Thirteen various one contact food preparation pre-sets.

Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot Max 6Qt. by ​Instant Pot

Comes with the most safety features of any other modelMay be overkill for the casual user.
Complete manual control if desiredAs the “full-loaded” model, it lacks Bluetooth functionality
Easier to use quick release buttonLearning curve and lack of instructions.
Sleeker look
Altitude adjustment
Easy to use LCD screen

Pros and Cons of the GNinja Foodi OP300 by Ninja

Multifunctional with lots of accessories.Difficult to store.
Crisps foods after pressure cooking in same appliance.Air fryer lid is not removable.
Heats up quickly.
Wide, non-stick ceramic inner pot.

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