Heart-rate Monitors

A heart rate monitor (HRM) is a device you wear to measure and display your heart rate continuously. Electrode sensors in a chest strap detect each heartbeat and transmit the data to a receiver display such as a watch, fitness wearable, or phone app. The data is displayed as the number of beats per minute. Personal heart rate monitors are used to measure exercise intensity so you can know whether you are achieving the level of effort you targeting.

Heart rate monitors using chest straps with electrode sensors are considered to be as accurate as electrocardiograms (EKG). This sets them apart from arm- or wrist-based LED heart rate sensors such as are found in many fitness bands and smartwatches. 


Top Picks for Heart-rate Monitors

  • Best Bluetooth heart rate monitor overall: Garmin HRM Dual
  • Best budget Bluetooth heart rate monitor: Lezyne Heart Rate Flow Sensor
  • Best wrist-based Bluetooth heart rate monitor: Wahoo Tickr Fit
  • Best Bluetooth heart rate monitor for cycling: Sigma R1
  • Best Bluetooth heart rate monitor with internal memory: Polar OH1


Best Heart-rate Monitors

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