Fitness Tracker

A wrist-worn device that can detect some combination of walking steps, running distance, heart rate, sleep patterns and swimming laps. Fitness bands interact via Bluetooth with an app in a mobile device that configures the device and downloads the wearer’s activity data.

Most smartwatches support some number of physical actions via a health app; however, dedicated trackers tend to monitor more functions.


Best Fitness Trackers

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Top Picks for Fitness Trackers

  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Garmin Vivosmart 4
  • Huawei Band 3 Pro
  • Fitbit Inspire HR
  • Garmin Vivosport
  • Honor Band 4
  • Amazfit Bip
  • Garmin Vivofit 4
  • Moov Now
  •  Samsung Galaxy Fit e


Improving Sleep With Fitness Trackers

How to improve sleep with fitness trackers? See below.


Features of a Fitness Tracker

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