The Clothes Dryer

A dryer is one of the most frequently used appliances in homes, but they’re commonly an afterthought when overhauling the laundry room. That’s because people tend to want a matching washing machine and the ability to stack the two.

However, not all dryers are the same. Some remove moisture better than others, they vary in the number of cycles, and some get too hot, which can damage fabrics. The best dryers have stainless steel drums, sensors to prevent overdrying and conserve energy, and a delay cycle so your loads are finished when you want them to be. Although you make think you need premium features like steam generators, downloadable custom cycles, and WiFi connectivity, these extra additions up the price of dryers, but don’t help dry your clothes or significantly help prevent wrinkles.

We’ve tumbled through hundreds of dryers and have done hours of research to help you discover which one is best for your needs, budget, and setup. We’ve picked the best dryers that’ll get the job done and leave you with clean towels, soft sheets, and fresh clothes that you’ll want to bury your face in.


6 Things You Should Know About Your Dryer

Your dryer is 50% of the laundry equation and there are things about it that you need to know (and probably don’t). In this video, we uncover these dryer secrets and by the time you’re done watching, you’ll be even BETTER equipped to do your laundry.
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Clothes Dryer Picks

Best Overall, Electric: Whirlpool 7-Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer at Lowe’s
“Its large capacity and quick dry time make it a hit among buyers.”
Best Overall, Gas: Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer at Home Depot
“The wide variety of cycles allows you to choose the perfect settings.”
Best Budget: Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Vented Dryer at Home Depot
“A top-rated appliance that’s easy on your wallet.”
Best Energy Efficient: Samsung 7.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer at Home Depot
“It will use up to 25 percent less energy per load.”
Best Portable: NewAir Portable 2.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Dryer at Home Depot
“It’s easy to store in a closet when it’s not in use.“
Best Smart: LG Electronics 7.3 Cu. Ft. Smart Gas Dryer at Home Depot
“Connects to your home Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor progress from your phone.“
Best Large Capacity: Maytag 8.8 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer at Home Depot
“An advanced yet reasonably priced dryer with a huge capacity.”
Best All-in-One: LG Electronics 4.3 Cu. Ft. All-in-One at Home Depot
“A space saving and convenient solution.”


Understanding Different Washer-Dryer Settings

Ever get confused with all the different settings on a washer/dryer or the laundry jargon on your clothing tags?

Knowing the difference between all the settings and making simple changes in the way you use your washer or dryer can actually help save energy, as well as prevent your clothes from getting damaged.


How to Clean and Maintain a Tumble Dryer 

To keep the dryer working smoothly its regular cleaning and maintenance is equally important.