Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby Monitor

Battery-life – Look for a baby monitor with a rechargeable battery to eliminate the cost of batteries. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi or video baby monitors may consume more power when using both audio and video features. The average baby monitor should last at least 8 -10 hours before needing power – enough to last a work day or night’s sleep.
Camera quality – If you’re looking into a video baby monitor, you’ll want a camera with crystal clear video and image quality. Look for a baby monitor that gives you the best camera features, such as digital zoom for an up-close look at your baby and a panning or tilting lens to see your baby’s surroundings. You should be able to see clearly using an LCD color display screen to keep with you while you’re baby’s in the nursery. For the best real-time footage, look for a 1080p HD video.
Range – Range allows you to stay alert of your baby’s noise and movement without needing to be in the room. The higher the range, the further you’ll be able to be away from the baby monitor’s base station without losing the monitor’s connection. The range you need  depends on your home’s square footage. Some baby monitors have a range of up to 900 feet – equivalent to three football fields. 


How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor

The baby monitor you get is majorly dependent on your family’s needs. Here are different types of baby monitors and the features to consider.

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Top Baby Monitors

Best Baby Monitor for Big Houses – Motorola MBP36XL Baby Monitor
*From remote tilt and pan to capture that perfect view to lullabies at the push of a button, this monitor offers lots of convenient features.
Best Baby Monitor for Zooming In – Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor
*Need a closer look? This monitor is known for its interchangeable lenses and includes a zoom lens right in the box that lets you see baby up-close even if you need to position the camera far away from the crib.
Best Budget Video Baby Monitor – Summer In View 2.0 Color Video Monitor
*This monitor packs a lot of the same features as more expensive options—a big screen, zooming capabilities, a rechargeable handheld monitor and even a built-in nightlight—but at a fraction of the cost.
Best Baby Monitor Plus Home Monitoring – Nest Nest Cam Security Camera
*Nest Cam isn’t technically a baby monitor—it’s an all-around home protection device. But that doesn’t mean it’s not great for keeping an eye on your little one (or on your nanny), especially when you can’t be at home.
Best Baby Monitor for Sleep Stats – Nanit Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount
*Analytics-lovers, listen up. The Nanit Plus uses computer vision to learn how your baby moves, then analyzes those patterns to provide you with insights into your baby’s sleep development.
Best Baby Monitor for Vitals Tracking – Owlet Smart Sock + Cam
*The Owlet takes the baby monitor to the next level, tracking your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep and notifying you if something is off.
Best Basic Audio Baby Monitor – VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor
*If audio-only is what you’re after in a monitor, this budget-friendly VTech option is your best bet.


How To Protect your Baby’s Ip Camera from Hackers

You may have heard a story in the news recently about a baby being watched and yelled at by a stranger through it’s baby monitor. That is some scary stuff! Do you know how to protect your baby monitor from hackers? 


Steps To Protect Your Baby Monitor From Hackers

Ensuring the safety of your baby is one of the top reasons for getting the baby monitor, but did you know that there is also a security risk? Here are the ways on how to prevent that from happening.



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