When Should You Start Baby Food?

By around 6 months of age, babies need solid food in addition to breast milk or formula for growth and nutrition, says Dr. Tracey Agnese, pediatrician in New York City. “Solids are usually started between 4 and 6 months of age when the infant is developmentally ready. Your baby is probably ready for solids when they are able to sit up with support, have good head and neck control, and show interest in your food while you’re eating (watches you eat, opens mouth and leans forward when food is offered),” she says.
If your baby spits out the food or refuses to eat it, they’re probably not ready yet, so wait and try again in a week, Dr. Agnese reassures.


Feeding Babies: Starting Solid Foods

Ever wonder when you should feed solid foods to your baby? Let us help you take the first steps toward raising a competent eater. Learn the cues that baby is ready for solid foods, options for first foods and textures, and how to tell when they are hungry or full.

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Baby Food Stages

Knowing what foods your baby needs to eat can be confusing. Here are a few basics about the three main baby food stages.


Baby Food Study Results

Not all baby foods are created equal. Learn all about it below.