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The Airline

Airline chatter can get heated.

Many frequent fliers become incredibly loyal to one airline, swearing their favorite carrier is the least expensive, or most reliable, or never cancels flights at the last minute. But in an ever-changing industry, with merging companies and new baggage fees and restrictions, it’s more challenging to know which one is the top performer.

That’s where data comes in — and it can reveal the truth about which airlines are worth flying. 


Airline Travel Tips

Scott McCartney on Lunch Break shares his favorite simple travel tips.

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Airline Travel Top Picks

1. Alaska Airlines
2. Southwest Airlines
3. Delta Airlines
4. United Airlines
5. Frontier Airlines
6. American Airlines
7. Spirit Airlines
8. JetBlue
9. Hawaiian Airlines


The Real Cost of Flying

Read on to see how such a small thing is costing you money!


The Benefits of Air Transport

There are many benefits of air transportation: shorter travel time, more jobs and exposure to foreign lands. This infographic depicts these benefits and more.



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