The Bath Tub

Bathing your baby in an adult-sized tub can be a slippery, nerve-wracking challenge, but the right baby bathtub turns the experience into a pleasure for both of you.
Luckily, you have lots of choices these days: foldable tubs, tubs with sling inserts to hold infants, inflatable tubs, bucket tubs, and even bubbling baby spas. Some are made to go in the adult tub; others are for the bathroom or kitchen sink. European-style baby baths that come on rolling stands are also gaining popularity in the U.S., with some doubling as a changing table.

Of course, some parents love to get right in the tub and bathe with their babies. That’s fine, as long as you’re careful to avoid letting him slip or hit his head. You can also wash your baby in the sink, at least until he gets too big. Parents who would rather bathe their babies standing up often prefer this option over putting a baby bathtub in the adult tub. Moms with c-section incisions may find standing-up baths more comfortable; bath stands or using a bath on a sturdy table can work well, too.


How To Bath Your Newborn Baby

Learn how to bathe your newborn baby in this video.
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Bathtub Features to Look For

Temperature gauge
Many tubs come equipped with a color-changing drain plug or a sticker-like strip to let you know if the water is too hot. Some tubs have digital temperature gauges. If the tub you’re considering doesn’t come with a temperature indicator, you can purchase one separately. Parents and caregivers should make sure that the water temperature is always below 120 degrees, says Dr. McKenzie. Regardless of the indicator, always double-check the water temperature using your elbow or wrist.

Smooth, overhanging rim
A tub with smooth edges and an overhanging rim makes it easier to pick up and ensures that your baby’s skin won’t get scratched. But never move the tub while your baby is inside.

Nonskid surface
A soaped-up baby is a very slippery baby, so get a tub that has a non-skid surface to keep your baby in place during his bath. Just be careful with foam cushions because your baby could tear or bite off a piece and swallow it.

Water-fill line
A raised or printed line around the inside of the tub, usually accompanied by the word “MAX,” allows for enough water to bathe a baby comfortably without the tub overfilling.

Drain plug
After leaning over to bathe your baby, the last thing you want to do is to lift a heavy tub and drain it. A drain plug makes removing the water quick and simple.


Tips to Make Baby Bath Time Safer and Easier

Here are some tips to make bath time easier and safer.

The little baby is bathed.


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