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What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus has always been the go-to solution to fight malicious software and cybercriminal tactics. And it still is. Malware, phishing scams, ransomware, DDoS – these are just a handful of the threats that lurk on the Internet.

Antivirus definition
But let’s start off with the basics: what exactly is an antivirus software and what does it do?

The definition of antivirus software programs goes something like this: A piece of software designed block out viruses and other malware from entering your device and compromising your personal data or the hardware itself.

A good antivirus is a must-have. It minimizes the times you have to enter damage control mode to clean up the mess caused by a successful malware attack.


Do You NEED an Antivirus? Are They Obsolete?

Do you need an antivirus software for your main computer? Are malware, viruses, adware, and ransomware still a threat? In this video guide/tutorial, I explain the benefits and drawbacks to using an antivirus service, as well as possible solutions for individuals out there looking for improved security. It’s not a yes or no answer, but you should always have some form of backup protection, and antivirus programs are an excellent fallback in case you download or install a malicious file or program. This video will break down the pros and cons, give you the best solutions depending on your individual needs, as well as give the best reviewed services as of today.

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What the Best Antivirus Software Has

A near-perfect detection rate. Since the role of antivirus software is to detect threats, it should do so flawlessly. Look for certification from a respected, third party testing organization.
An intuitive interface. Because antivirus software can be customized, it’s important that the interface guides users through the various settings.
Freedom from false positives. The best antivirus software does a good job of detecting malware without being tripped up by legitimate programs. Some software has selectable profiles that adjust the detection levels based on activities, something that’s especially important to gamers (who won’t want to be bothered with popups or beeps in mid-game).
Good zero-day performance. Spotting a virus that’s widespread is a fairly easy task for most security software. It’s harder, however, to squash a bug that’s just been released in the wild. Top antivirus software products monitor files and processes, identifying brand-new viruses by spotting activity that is virus-like, and without tripping excessive false alarms (see above).
Daily updates. Virus signatures are specific strings of binary code that can be detected by antivirus software. Most programs will automatically check for updates on a daily or even an hourly basis. Some free software relies on a manual check.
A light touch that won’t slow you down. While any antivirus program will use some of your computer’s resources, a good antivirus program should keep your system free of malware without significantly slowing down your system’s performance. In testing, the best antivirus software exacts almost no drag on performance.


How To Choose The Best Antivirus Software

Given the world’s dependence on internet and the menacing increase in numbers of spammers, viruses and malware, a computer without a reliable antivirus software is like a body with no immunity shots; it is destined to fall prey, get weakened and become just a piece of engineering with no real use.

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The Truth About How Spyware Affects You

Do you access the internet through your computer or smartphone? If you do, you are vulnerable to spyware. Even fewer people understand how all of us are constantly at risk of a spyware attack or hack.Every time you access the internet, you are putting your computer, your phone, and yourself at risk.

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