How to find the right one for you and your budget.

The best camcorders go far beyond the videos created on today’s flagship smartphones. Meaning that even if you’ve got one of the best camera phones around, you’d probably still benefit from a dedicated camcorder. Far from dying out, the camcorder is experiencing a renaissance, with a remarkable choice for every budget, level of expertise and activity.

4K camcorders are now commonplace, from sophisticated semi-pro models with full manual controls to beginner-friendly devices with presets and automated features to ease the learning curve. For sports and tough conditions, there are also camcorders designed to be dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and able to handle temperatures well below freezing. Many modern camcorders also offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to transfer videos without wires, or even stream them directly online.


Camcorder Settings Tips

Learn how to use some basic settings on your camcorder to make sure you get great video every time you shoot.
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Camcorder Top Picks

Best Overall: Panasonic 4K Camcorder at Amazon, “This is firmly a high-end camcorder.”
Runner-Up, Best Overall: Panasonic HD Camcorder at Amazon, “The right balance of features, hardware, design, value, and convenience.”
Best Value: Canon VIXIA HF R800 at Amazon, “delivers outstanding 1080p picture quality at a modest price point.”
Best Zoom: Nikon Coolpix P1000 at Amazon, “Features a 3,000mm optical lens — Nikon’s most powerful zoom lens to date.”
Best for Beginners: Sony HD Handycam at Amazon, “A great introductory camera for teenagers and first-timers.”
Best for Action: YI 4K Action Camera at Amazon at Amazon, “Enjoy its array of modes, including Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Timer, and Burst.”
Runner-Up, Best for Action: Vivitar DVR914HD at Walmart, “Astounding from a price-to-features perspective.”
Best Budget: AKASO EK7000 at Amazon, “Offering 4K shooting capabilities at a reasonable price … a truly amazing action camera.”


A Guide To Finding Your New Camera

Taking a great picture is as easy as pointing and shooting thanks to today’s many excessive digital options! 


Night Photography Tips

A thorough understanding of your camera is essential for night photography. Fumbling with equipment you don’t know properly in low light makes for stressful, difficult photography. Right before complete night at the last minutes of sunset, beautiful skies and lighting make for great photos, giving the chance to combine different color temperatures.



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